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About March 27, 2009

Although I’ve been cooking most of my life, I am only now as an adult really starting to cultivate my skills and comfort level with basic techniques. I’ve always been a strict recipe follower, and I’m trying to change that. But the result is that I’m often neurotic and a control freak in my own kitchen. By the time the food hits the plate, I am usually self deprecating about the product. I can be neurotic. But I am hoping that after a while of blogging here, I will drift away from crankiness and be eligible for my own cooking show. Well.

I’m a picky eater who loves food. You will not see cilantro, mushrooms, peas, or pork (bacon doesn’t count!) in my blog. I’m also a social eater, so I may gush about a certain meal or restaurant on here, but mostly I’ll post recipes. The problem with being a social eater is that even though I love eating out and cooking for friends, I’m horrible at cooking a meal for just myself when I get home from work. But this is changing, and I’ve made a tag to indicate meals that are particularly easy for a solo chef. This will probably apply to most things I post, but every once in a while I’ll try out a huge, elaborate Persian meal on some unsuspecting friends or something.


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